March 27st All Events

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March 27th, 2008 (March 27 2008)EventThe state of Washington became the first state in the U.S. to offer an enhanced driver s license.
March 27th, 2008 (March 27 2008)DeathJean-Marie Balestre, French president of motor sport s FIA (born in 1921)
March 27th, 2008 (March 27 2008)DeathGeorge Pruteanu, Romanian literary critic and politician (born in 1947)
March 27th, 2007 (March 27 2007)DeathPaul Lauterbur, American chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1929)
March 27th, 2006 (March 27 2006)EventThe United Nations Commission on Human Rights holds its final meeting.
March 27th, 2006 (March 27 2006)DeathDan Curtis, American television producer and director (born in 1928)
March 27th, 2006 (March 27 2006)DeathIan Hamilton Finlay, Scottish poet, writer, artist and gardener (born in 1925)
March 27th, 2006 (March 27 2006)DeathStanislaw Lem, Polish writer (born in 1921)Stanislaw Lem Quotes
March 27th, 2006 (March 27 2006)DeathRuari McLean, British typographer (born in 1917)
March 27th, 2006 (March 27 2006)DeathLyn Nofziger, American journalist and political advisor to Ronald Reagan (born in 1924)Ronald Reagan Quotes
March 27th, 2005 (March 27 2005)DeathWilfred Bigelow, Canadian heart surgeon (born in 1913)
March 27th, 2005 (March 27 2005)DeathBob Casey, American baseball announcer (born in 1925)
March 27th, 2005 (March 27 2005)DeathGrant Johannesen, American concert pianist (born in 1921)
March 27th, 2004 (March 27 2004)EventHMS Scylla, a decommissioned Leander frigate, is sunk as an artificial reef off Cornwall, the first of its kind in Europe.
March 27th, 2004 (March 27 2004)DeathAdan Sanchez, Mexican-American singer (born in 1984)
March 27th, 2003 (March 27 2003)DeathDaniel Ceccaldi, French actor (born in 1927)
March 27th, 2003 (March 27 2003)DeathRicardo Munguia, Salvadoran aid worker
March 27th, 2003 (March 27 2003)DeathPaul Zindel, American writer (born in 1936)
March 27th, 2002 (March 27 2002)EventPassover Massacre: A suicide bomber kills 29 people in Netanya, Israel.
March 27th, 2002 (March 27 2002)DeathMilton Berle, American actor and comedian (born in 1908)Milton Berle Quotes
March 27th, 2002 (March 27 2002)DeathDudley Moore, British actor (born in 1935)Dudley Moore Quotes
March 27th, 2002 (March 27 2002)DeathBilly Wilder, American director (born in 1906)
March 27th, 2000 (March 27 2000)EventPhillips explosion of 2000 kills 1 and injures 71 in Pasadena, Texas.
March 27th, 2000 (March 27 2000)DeathIan Dury, English musician (born in 1942)
March 27th, 1998 (March 27 1998)EventThe Food and Drug Administration approves Viagra for use as a treatment for male impotence, the first pill to be approved for this condition in the United States.
March 27th, 1998 (March 27 1998)DeathDavid McClelland, American psychologist (born in 1917)
March 27th, 1998 (March 27 1998)DeathFerry Porsche, Austrian automobile manufacturer (born in 1909)
March 27th, 1995 (March 27 1995)BirthTaylor Atelian, American actress
March 27th, 1994 (March 27 1994)EventOne of the biggest tornado outbreaks in recent memory hits the Southeastern United States. One tornado slams into a church in Piedmont, Alabama during Palm Sunday services killing 20 and injuring 90.
March 27th, 1994 (March 27 1994)EventThe Eurofighter takes its first flight in Manching, Germany.
March 27th, 1993 (March 27 1993)EventJiang Zemin is appointed President of the People s Republic of China.
March 27th, 1993 (March 27 1993)DeathClifford Jordan, American saxophonist and bandleader (born in 1931)
March 27th, 1993 (March 27 1993)DeathPaul Laszlo, Hungarian interior designer and architect (born in 1900)
March 27th, 1992 (March 27 1992)DeathEasley Blackwood, American bridgeplayer (born in 1903)
March 27th, 1991 (March 27 1991)DeathRalph Bates, British actor (born in 1940)
March 27th, 1991 (March 27 1991)DeathAldo Ray, American actor (born in 1926)
March 27th, 1990 (March 27 1990)EventThe United States begins broadcasting TV Marti to Cuba in an effort to bridge the information blackout imposed by the Castro regime.
March 27th, 1990 (March 27 1990)BirthScott Selwood, Australian Rules Footballer, West Coast Eagles
March 27th, 1989 (March 27 1989)DeathMay Allison, American actress (born in 1890)
March 27th, 1989 (March 27 1989)DeathJack Starrett, American actor and film director (born in 1936)
March 27th, 1988 (March 27 1988)BirthBrenda Song, American actress
March 27th, 1988 (March 27 1988)DeathRenato Salvatori, Italian actor (born in 1934)
March 27th, 1987 (March 27 1987)BirthChad Denny, Canadian ice hockey player
March 27th, 1986 (March 27 1986)EventA car bomb explodes at Russell Street Police HQ in Melbourne, killing 1 police officer and injuring 21 people.
March 27th, 1986 (March 27 1986)BirthValerie "So Cal Val" Wyndham, American professional wrestling valet
March 27th, 1985 (March 27 1985)BirthCaroline Winberg, Swedish supermodel
March 27th, 1985 (March 27 1985)BirthDario Baldauf, Austrian footballer
March 27th, 1982 (March 27 1982)BirthKurara Chibana, Japanese beauty queen, first runner-up Miss Universe 2006
March 27th, 1981 (March 27 1981)BirthCarey Davis, National Football League fullback
March 27th, 1981 (March 27 1981)BirthLin Jun Jie, Chinese Singer
March 27th, 1981 (March 27 1981)BirthTerry McFlynn, Northern Irish footballer
March 27th, 1981 (March 27 1981)DeathMao Dun, Chinese writer (born in 1895)
March 27th, 1980 (March 27 1980)EventThe Norwegian oil platform Alexander Kielland collapses in the North Sea, killing 123 of its crew of 212.
March 27th, 1979 (March 27 1979)BirthMichael Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins baseball player
March 27th, 1977 (March 27 1977)EventTenerife disaster: Two Boeing 747 airliners collide on a foggy runway on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, killing 583 (all 247 on KLM and 335 on PAN AM) and 61 survived on a PAN AM flight.
March 27th, 1977 (March 27 1977)BirthVioletta Blue, American porn star
March 27th, 1977 (March 27 1977)BirthVitor Meira, Brazilian racing driver
March 27th, 1977 (March 27 1977)BirthAdrian Anca, Romanian footballer
March 27th, 1977 (March 27 1977)DeathA. P. Hamann, American politician
March 27th, 1977 (March 27 1977)DeathDiana Hyland, American actress (born in 1936)
March 27th, 1976 (March 27 1976)EventThe first 4.6 miles of the Washington Metro subway system opens.
March 27th, 1976 (March 27 1976)BirthDjamel Belmadi, Algerian footballer
March 27th, 1976 (March 27 1976)BirthCarl Ng, Hong Kong/British actor and model
March 27th, 1975 (March 27 1975)BirthStacy "Fergie" Ferguson, American pop/R&B singer and member of The Black Eyed Peas
March 27th, 1974 (March 27 1974)BirthRuss Haas, wrestler (died in 2001)
March 27th, 1974 (March 27 1974)BirthGaizka Mendieta, Spanish footballer
March 27th, 1972 (March 27 1972)BirthCharlie Haas, professional wrestler
March 27th, 1972 (March 27 1972)BirthJimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Dutch footballer
March 27th, 1972 (March 27 1972)DeathSharkey Bonano, American musician (born in 1904)
March 27th, 1972 (March 27 1972)DeathM. C. Escher, Dutch artist (born in 1898)M. C. Escher Quotes
March 27th, 1971 (March 27 1971)BirthThom Barron, German porn star
March 27th, 1971 (March 27 1971)BirthDavid Coulthard, Scottish Formula One driver
March 27th, 1971 (March 27 1971)BirthNathan Fillion, Canadian actor
March 27th, 1970 (March 27 1970)EventThe Concorde makes its first supersonic flight.
March 27th, 1970 (March 27 1970)BirthMariah Carey, American singerMariah Carey Quotes
March 27th, 1970 (March 27 1970)BirthBrent Fitz, Canadian Musician (Theory of a Deadman)
March 27th, 1970 (March 27 1970)BirthBrendan Hill, British drummer (Blues Traveler)
March 27th, 1970 (March 27 1970)BirthPrincess Leila of Iran (died in 2001)
March 27th, 1970 (March 27 1970)BirthElizabeth Mitchell, American actress
March 27th, 1969 (March 27 1969)EventMariner 7 is launched.
March 27th, 1969 (March 27 1969)BirthKevin Corrigan, American actor
March 27th, 1969 (March 27 1969)BirthPauley Perrette, American actress, photographer, poet, writer
March 27th, 1968 (March 27 1968)EventYuri Gagarin, Soviet Cosmonaut, first human in space dies in aircraft training accident.Yuri Gagarin Quotes
March 27th, 1968 (March 27 1968)BirthSandra Hess, Swiss-born actress and model
March 27th, 1968 (March 27 1968)DeathYuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut (born in 1934)Yuri Gagarin Quotes
March 27th, 1967 (March 27 1967)BirthPaul Adams, American celebrity
March 27th, 1967 (March 27 1967)BirthTalisa Soto, American actress
March 27th, 1967 (March 27 1967)DeathJaroslav Heyrovsky, Czech chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1890)
March 27th, 1967 (March 27 1967)DeathJim Thompson, American designer (disappeared) (born in 1906)
March 27th, 1966 (March 27 1966)BirthPaula Trickey, American actress
March 27th, 1964 (March 27 1964)EventThe Good Friday Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake in U.S. history at a magnitude of 9.2 strikes South Central Alaska, killing 125 people and inflicting massive damage to the city of Anchorage.
March 27th, 1964 (March 27 1964)BirthGlenn Carter, English actor and singer-songwriter
March 27th, 1963 (March 27 1963)EventBeeching axe: Dr. Richard Beeching issues a report calling for huge cuts to the United Kingdom s rail network.
March 27th, 1963 (March 27 1963)BirthCharly Alberti, Argentinian musician
March 27th, 1963 (March 27 1963)BirthRandall Cunningham American football player
March 27th, 1963 (March 27 1963)BirthQuentin Tarantino, American director, writer, and producer
March 27th, 1963 (March 27 1963)BirthXuxa, Brazilian television personality
March 27th, 1962 (March 27 1962)BirthJann Arden, Canadian musician
March 27th, 1961 (March 27 1961)BirthTak Matsumoto, Japanese guitarist (B z)
March 27th, 1961 (March 27 1961)BirthTony Rominger, Swiss cyclist
March 27th, 1960 (March 27 1960)BirthHans Pflugler, German footballer
March 27th, 1959 (March 27 1959)BirthAndrew Farriss, Australian musician (INXS)
March 27th, 1958 (March 27 1958)EventNikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union.Nikita Khrushchev Quotes
March 27th, 1957 (March 27 1957)BirthNick Hawkins, British politician
March 27th, 1957 (March 27 1957)BirthBilly Mackenzie, Scottish musician (Associates) (died in 1997)
March 27th, 1956 (March 27 1956)BirthLeung Kwok Hung, Hong Kong activist
March 27th, 1956 (March 27 1956)BirthThomas Wassberg, Swedish cross-country skier
March 27th, 1952 (March 27 1952)BirthMaria Schneider, French actress
March 27th, 1952 (March 27 1952)BirthRichard Seguin, Quebec singer and songwriter
March 27th, 1950 (March 27 1950)BirthTony Banks, English musician (Genesis)Tony Banks Quotes
March 27th, 1950 (March 27 1950)BirthPetros Efthimiou, Greek politician
March 27th, 1950 (March 27 1950)BirthLynn McGlothen, American baseball player (died in 1984)
March 27th, 1948 (March 27 1948)EventThe Second Congress of the Workers Party of North Korea is convened.
March 27th, 1947 (March 27 1947)BirthBrian Jones, British balloonist
March 27th, 1947 (March 27 1947)BirthWalt Mossberg, the highest-paid journalist at the Wall Street Journal
March 27th, 1946 (March 27 1946)BirthOlaf Malolepski, German musician (Die Flippers)
March 27th, 1945 (March 27 1945)EventWorld War II: Operation Starvation, the aerial mining of Japan s ports and waterways begins.
March 27th, 1943 (March 27 1943)EventWorld War II: Battle of the Komandorski IslandsIn the Aleutian Islands the battle begins when United States Navy forces intercept Japanese attempting to reinforce a garrison at Kiska.
March 27th, 1943 (March 27 1943)BirthPhil Frank, American cartoonist (died in 2007)
March 27th, 1942 (March 27 1942)BirthJohn E. Sulston, British chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
March 27th, 1942 (March 27 1942)BirthMichael York, English actor
March 27th, 1942 (March 27 1942)BirthMichael Jackson, English writer (died in 2007)Michael Jackson Quotes
March 27th, 1941 (March 27 1941)EventWorld War II: Yugoslavian Air Force officers topple the pro-axis government in a bloodless coup.
March 27th, 1941 (March 27 1941)BirthIvan Gasparovic, President of Slovakia
March 27th, 1940 (March 27 1940)BirthJanis Martin, American singer (died in 2007)
March 27th, 1940 (March 27 1940)BirthAustin Pendleton, American actor
March 27th, 1940 (March 27 1940)DeathMichael Joseph Savage, Prime Minister of New Zealand (born in 1872)
March 27th, 1939 (March 27 1939)BirthCale Yarborough, American race car driver
March 27th, 1938 (March 27 1938)EventThe Battle of Taierzhuang takes place.
March 27th, 1937 (March 27 1937)BirthThomas Aquinas Daly, American painterThomas Aquinas Quotes
March 27th, 1935 (March 27 1935)BirthAbelardo Castillo, Argentine writer
March 27th, 1935 (March 27 1935)BirthJulian Glover, British actor Julian Quotes
March 27th, 1934 (March 27 1934)DeathFrancis William Reitz, 5th State President of the Orange Free State (born in 1844)
March 27th, 1931 (March 27 1931)BirthDavid Janssen, American actor (died in 1980)
March 27th, 1931 (March 27 1931)DeathArnold Bennett, British novelist (born in 1867)Arnold Bennett Quotes
March 27th, 1927 (March 27 1927)BirthMstislav Rostropovich, Russian cellist and conductor (died in 2007)
March 27th, 1927 (March 27 1927)DeathJoe Start, American baseball player (born in 1842)
March 27th, 1926 (March 27 1926)DeathGeorges Vezina, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1887)
March 27th, 1924 (March 27 1924)BirthSarah Vaughan, American singer (died in 1990)
March 27th, 1924 (March 27 1924)DeathWalter Parratt, English composer (born in 1841)
March 27th, 1923 (March 27 1923)BirthEndo Shusaku, Japanese author (died in 1996)
March 27th, 1923 (March 27 1923)BirthLouis Simpson, Jamaican-born poet
March 27th, 1923 (March 27 1923)DeathSir James Dewar, Scottish chemist (born in 1842)
March 27th, 1922 (March 27 1922)BirthStefan Wul, French author (died in 2003)
March 27th, 1921 (March 27 1921)BirthHarold Nicholas, American dancer (died in 2000)
March 27th, 1920 (March 27 1920)BirthRobin Jacques, illustrator (died in 1995)
March 27th, 1918 (March 27 1918)EventMoldova and Bessarabia join Romania.
March 27th, 1918 (March 27 1918)DeathHenry Adams, American historian (born in 1838)Henry Adams Quotes
March 27th, 1917 (March 27 1917)BirthCyrus Vance, American politician (died in 2002)
March 27th, 1915 (March 27 1915)BirthRobert Lockwood, Jr., American blues guitarist (died in 2006)
March 27th, 1914 (March 27 1914)BirthRichard Denning, American actor (died in 1998)
March 27th, 1914 (March 27 1914)BirthBudd Schulberg, American screenwriter and novelistBudd Schulberg Quotes
March 27th, 1913 (March 27 1913)BirthTheodor Dannecker, SS officer (died in 1945)
March 27th, 1912 (March 27 1912)BirthJames Callaghan, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 2005)James Callaghan Quotes
March 27th, 1910 (March 27 1910)EventFire during a barn-dance in Okoritofulpos, Hungary, killed 312
March 27th, 1910 (March 27 1910)DeathAlexander Emanuel Agassiz, American scientist; son of Louis Agassiz (born in 1835)
March 27th, 1909 (March 27 1909)BirthGolo Mann, German historian (died in 1994)
March 27th, 1909 (March 27 1909)BirthBen Webster, American jazz saxophonist (died in 1973)
March 27th, 1906 (March 27 1906)EventFounding of the Alpine Club of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba
March 27th, 1906 (March 27 1906)BirthPee Wee Russell, American musician (died in 1969)
March 27th, 1905 (March 27 1905)BirthElsie MacGill, Canadian aeronautical engineer (died in 1980)
March 27th, 1902 (March 27 1902)BirthCharles Lang, American cinematographer (died in 1998)
March 27th, 1901 (March 27 1901)BirthCarl Barks, American illustrator (died in 2000)
March 27th, 1901 (March 27 1901)BirthErich Ollenhauer, German politician (died in 1963)
March 27th, 1901 (March 27 1901)BirthEisaku Sato, Prime Minister of Japan, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1975)
March 27th, 1901 (March 27 1901)BirthKenneth Slessor, Australian poet (died in 1971)
March 27th, 1899 (March 27 1899)BirthGloria Swanson, American actress (died in 1983)
March 27th, 1898 (March 27 1898)DeathSir Syed Ahmad Khan, Indian Muslim intellectual (born in 1817)
March 27th, 1897 (March 27 1897)BirthDouglas Hartree, English mathematical physicist (died in 1958)
March 27th, 1897 (March 27 1897)DeathAndreas Anagnostakis, Greek physician (born in 1826)
March 27th, 1893 (March 27 1893)BirthKarl Mannheim, Hungarian sociologist (died in 1947)Karl Mannheim Quotes
March 27th, 1892 (March 27 1892)BirthFerde Grofe, American composer (died in 1972)
March 27th, 1890 (March 27 1890)EventA tornado strikes Louisville, Kentucky, killing 76 and injuring 200.
March 27th, 1889 (March 27 1889)DeathJohn Bright, English statesman (born in 1811)John Bright Quotes
March 27th, 1886 (March 27 1886)BirthSergey Kirov, Russian bolshevik leader (died in 1934)
March 27th, 1886 (March 27 1886)BirthLudwig Mies van der Rohe, German architect (died in 1969)Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Quotes
March 27th, 1883 (March 27 1883)BirthMarie Under, Estonian author and poet (died in 1980)
March 27th, 1881 (March 27 1881)EventRioting takes place in Basingstoke in protest against the daily vociferous promotion of rigid Temperance by the Salvation Army.
March 27th, 1879 (March 27 1879)BirthMiller Huggins, American baseball player and manager (died in 1929)
March 27th, 1878 (March 27 1878)DeathSir George Gilbert Scott, English architect (born in 1811)
March 27th, 1875 (March 27 1875)DeathEdgar Quinet, French historian (born in 1803)
March 27th, 1873 (March 27 1873)DeathAmedee Simon Dominique Thierry, French journalist and historian (born in 1797)
March 27th, 1871 (March 27 1871)EventThe first international rugby football match, England v. Scotland, is played in Edinburgh at Raeburn Place.
March 27th, 1871 (March 27 1871)BirthHeinrich Mann, German writer (died in 1950)
March 27th, 1869 (March 27 1869)BirthJames McNeill, Irish politician (died in 1938)
March 27th, 1868 (March 27 1868)EventThe Lake Ontario Shore Railroad Company is organized in Oswego, New York.
March 27th, 1865 (March 27 1865)DeathPetrus Hoffman Peerlkamp, Dutch scholar (born in 1786)
March 27th, 1864 (March 27 1864)DeathJean-Jacques Ampere, French scholar (born in 1800)
March 27th, 1863 (March 27 1863)BirthSir Henry Royce, English automobile pioneer (died in 1933)
March 27th, 1860 (March 27 1860)BirthFrank Frost Abbott, American classical scholar (died in 1924)
March 27th, 1859 (March 27 1859)BirthGeorge Giffen, Australian cricketer (died in 1927)
March 27th, 1857 (March 27 1857)BirthKarl Pearson, English statistician (died in 1936)
March 27th, 1854 (March 27 1854)EventCrimean War: The United Kingdom declares war on Russia.
March 27th, 1851 (March 27 1851)EventFirst reported case of Europeans seeing Yosemite Valley.
March 27th, 1851 (March 27 1851)BirthVincent d Indy, French composer and teacher (died in 1931)
March 27th, 1850 (March 27 1850)DeathWilhelm Beer, German astronomer (born in 1797)
March 27th, 1849 (March 27 1849)DeathArchibald Acheson, 2nd Earl of Gosford (born in 1776)
March 27th, 1847 (March 27 1847)BirthOtto Wallach, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1931)
March 27th, 1846 (March 27 1846)EventMexican-American War: Siege of Fort Texas.
March 27th, 1845 (March 27 1845)BirthWilhelm Conrad Rontgen, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1923)
March 27th, 1843 (March 27 1843)DeathKarl Salomo Zachariae von Lingenthal, German jurist (born in 1769)
March 27th, 1836 (March 27 1836)EventTexas Revolution: Goliad massacreAntonio Lopez de Santa Anna orders the Mexican army to kill about 400 Texans at Goliad, Texas.
March 27th, 1836 (March 27 1836)EventKirtland Temple in Ohio is dedicated in an 8 hour long service led by Joseph Smith, Jr. and Sidney Rigdon.Joseph Smith Quotes
March 27th, 1836 (March 27 1836)DeathJames Fannin, Texas revolutionary (born in 1804)
March 27th, 1834 (March 27 1834)EventAndrew Jackson is censured by the U.S. Senate for his actions regarding the U.S. National Bank.Andrew Jackson Quotes
March 27th, 1827 (March 27 1827)DeathFrancois Alexandre Frederic, French social reformer (born in 1747)
March 27th, 1817 (March 27 1817)BirthKarl Wilhelm von Nageli, Swiss biologist (died in 1891)
March 27th, 1814 (March 27 1814)EventWar of 1812: In central Alabama, U.S. forces under General Andrew Jackson defeat the Creek at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.Andrew Jackson Quotes
March 27th, 1813 (March 27 1813)BirthNathaniel Currier, American illustrator (died in 1888)
March 27th, 1810 (March 27 1810)BirthWilliam Hepworth Thompson, English classical scholar (died in 1886)
March 27th, 1809 (March 27 1809)BirthBaron Haussmann, French civic planner (died in 1891)
March 27th, 1809 (March 27 1809)DeathJoseph-Marie Vien, French painter (born in 1716)
March 27th, 1797 (March 27 1797)BirthAlfred de Vigny, French author (died in 1863)
March 27th, 1794 (March 27 1794)EventThe United States Government establishes a permanent navy and authorizes the building of six frigates.
March 27th, 1794 (March 27 1794)EventDenmark and Sweden form a neutrality compact.
March 27th, 1785 (March 27 1785)BirthKing Louis XVII of France (died in 1795)
March 27th, 1782 (March 27 1782)EventCharles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
March 27th, 1770 (March 27 1770)DeathGiovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian artist (born in 1696)
March 27th, 1765 (March 27 1765)BirthFranz Xaver von Baader, German philosopher and theologian (died in 1841) Philo Quotes
March 27th, 1757 (March 27 1757)DeathJohann Stamitz, Czech-born composer (born in 1717)
March 27th, 1746 (March 27 1746)BirthMichael Bruce, Scottish poet (died in 1767)
March 27th, 1730 (March 27 1730)BirthThomas Tyrwhitt, English classical scholar (died in 1786)
March 27th, 1714 (March 27 1714)BirthFrancesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian theologian and historian (died in 1795)
March 27th, 1712 (March 27 1712)BirthClaude Bourgelat, French veterinary surgeon (died in 1779)
March 27th, 1702 (March 27 1702)BirthJohann Ernst Eberlin, German composer (died in 1762)
March 27th, 1697 (March 27 1697)DeathSimon Bradstreet, English colonial magistrate (born in 1603)
March 27th, 1696 (March 27 1696)BirthAntoine Court, French Huguenot minister (died in 1760)
March 27th, 1676 (March 27 1676)BirthFrancis II Rakoczi, leader of the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburg (died in 1735)
March 27th, 1642 (March 27 1642)EventThe sixth Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Joseph takes office.
March 27th, 1635 (March 27 1635)DeathRobert Naunton, English politician (born in 1563)
March 27th, 1627 (March 27 1627)BirthStephen Fox, English politician (died in 1716)
March 27th, 1625 (March 27 1625)EventCharles I becomes King of England, Scotland and Ireland as well as claiming the title King of France.
March 27th, 1625 (March 27 1625)DeathKing James I of England and Ireland, James VI of Scotland (born in 1566) James I of England Quotes
March 27th, 1613 (March 27 1613)EventThe first English child born in Canada at Cuper s Cove, Newfoundland to Nicholas Guy.
March 27th, 1572 (March 27 1572)DeathGirolamo Maggi, Italian Renaissance man (born in abt. 1523)
March 27th, 1555 (March 27 1555)DeathWilliam Hunter, Protestant martyr
March 27th, 1482 (March 27 1482)DeathMary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bold; wife of Maximilian I (born in 1457)
March 27th, 1462 (March 27 1462)DeathVasili II of Russia, Grand Prince of Moscow (born in 1415)
March 27th, 1416 (March 27 1416)BirthAntonio Squarcialupi, Italian composer (died in 1480)
March 27th, 1378 (March 27 1378)DeathPope Gregory XI
March 27th, 1350 (March 27 1350)DeathKing Alfonso XI of Castile (born in 1312)
March 27th, 1329 (March 27 1329)EventPope John XXII issues his In Agro Dominico condemning some writings of Meister Eckhart as heretical.Meister Eckhart Quotes
March 27th, 1191 (March 27 1191)DeathPope Clement III
March 27th, 0973 (March 27 0973)DeathHerman, Duke of Saxony
March 27th, 0972 (March 27 0972)BirthKing Robert II of France (died in 1031)
March 27th, 0710 (March 27 0710)DeathRupert of Salzburg

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